How’s this for a pleasant surprise?

I’m actually looking forward to Saturday’s 10-mile training run, rather than dreading it, which is a nice change of pace from previous weeks. (See this post for more about that.) I don’t know if I’m going to make my time goal, but I’m anxious to get out there and try.

Happy running!

I missed my target for Thursday’s 5-mile tempo run by 15 seconds per mile. That’s quite a bit IMO, but I’m calling it a victory. Here’s why.

  • I pushed through, even though everything in my body said stop (not even halfway!). I still don’t know how I managed to persevere, but I did.
  • As it became clear that I wouldn’t have enough in my tank, my mind drifted to Saturday’s 10-miler and how I could possibly finish that if I was already struggling so much with 5. I stopped that train of thought in its tracks. One thing at a time. I would deal with Saturday’s run on Saturday.

Now, to get ready for those 10 miles.