Eight Years Ago Today I Met My Wife

I first laid eyes on the girl of my dreams eight years ago today. Even now, with our first child on the way (read more here) and our five-year anniversary coming up next month, when I stop and really think about it, I’m floored by how blessed I am.

We met through Match.com. (Yes, we’re one of those couples. Although these days one in six couples who marry say they met online [click here for the study], it wasn’t nearly as popular or accepted back then. We used to joke about the tales we’d tell about how we met.)

We chatted through Match.com for a while, then via e-mail outside the matching site. That led to a phone call and a date. I wanted to meet in a public place where she’d feel comfortable and do something that showed a little bit of my personality and interests. I decided on dinner theater. We could talk over our meals before the show and during intermission and enjoy some good, live entertainment in between.

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