The week that we found out we were expecting Baby Morgan No. 2, I took to the internets for a refresher course on when we might find out the gender. (As always, Google finished my sentence. Oh, Google, you know me so well.)

To our surprise, we found out at 12 weeks. We happened to have two ultrasounds that week—lots of extra tests for those of us experiencing “advanced maternal age” pregnancies. The first tech said she could tell us the gender with 50% confidence. I chuckled. I could have told you THAT without the million-dollar equipment. Two days later, the second tech came to the same conclusion, though she was bold enough to label the ultrasound.

Still, we were not convinced. We kept telling people, “We think we’re having a—”

“Why do you only think?” they’d reply. Of course, that made me think. See, my online search in week 5 told me that we probably wouldn’t find out the gender till around week 18, so to find out in week 12, a month and a half earlier, well, that was a bit of a surprise.

Or maybe we weren’t ready to accept the answer.


We used to say that if we had one boy and one girl, we’d get the well-rounded parental experience and we’d call it good. Although …

A girl would represent a big change for our family. A girl would need her own room—not right away, naturally, but soon enough. She’d need her own clothes. Her own toys. Her own version of The Talk. OK, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

With a boy, things might be easier. A boy could share rooms and clothes and toys and dirt with big brother. And we’re already used to the drill: fascination with trains and garbage trucks, cars vrooming on floors, walls and furniture, pee arcing across the room, that whole thing.

Stop right there.

Truth is, at each appointment the provider has told us that mom is healthy and our second child is developing well. That’s all we could ever want, never mind what kind of stuff we might have to buy for the new baby. The stuff is trivial.

Besides, it’s not up to us, anyway. A wise friend told me recently that God gives you exactly what you need. He does, indeed.

And Lord knows, we need a girl.

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