Pictured above is the moment my 4-mile run turned into 5.5. A steady stream of cows impeded my planned route through the land of Tillamook Cheese, forcing me to double back.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Of course, the conversation with the extended family went something like this.

“Why did you go back? Why didn’t you just walk through?”

“He’s not from around here. He doesn’t know his way around cows.”

“He might have gotten kicked, but that’s about it.”

Truth be told, I DON’T know my way around cows, and I AM glad not to have been kicked. I’m also glad I had enough left in my tank to get back. The long way.

I say it was a planned run. I wish I could just set out like a free spirit. When I’m venturing out on a new route, especially if I’m out of town like I was this time, I prefer to plot it online first (I use RunKeeper). I do this to ensure the path I’ve chosen will get me from point A back to point A, in more or less the distance I’m shooting for.

The route I chose seemed to work OK—judging from the satellite, at least. It did not translate well.

The “Dead End” sign should have been my first signal, but I pressed on. Past the sign, clearly I was on someone’s private property. As a small, very-un-farm-like dog rushed out to greet me—yap-yap-yap-yap-yap-yap-yap-yap—and follow me up the road a bit, I was sure Farmer John was going to burst from his house, branding a shotgun and screaming “GET OFF MY PROPERTAY!”

So when I encountered the cows, I figured I’d pressed my luck far enough. The rest of the run was delightfully uneventful. If I’d taken the long way in the first place, it wouldn’t have been so long after all.

» What About You?
What’s the strangest thing you’ve encountered during a run? Leave a comment below!

Map data @2013 Google, via RunKeeper

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