15 Reasons Why I Run

running_shoesMy run tracking app of choice, RunKeeper, posted a short poll today that got me thinking. “Fill in the blank. I run to __________!” I couldn’t settle for just one answer. So here are 15.

I run because __________.

  1. I put it in my calendar. (Things that are scheduled are more likely to get done.)
  2. My wife likes how I look.
  3. I like how I look.
  4. I fit into my smaller jeans.
  5. I can eat anything I want.
  6. I feel great all day after a morning run. (And I always run in the morning.)
  7. I have energy for everything else in life.
  8. I sleep so well at night.
  9. During a run, the daily grind rarely enters my mind.
  10. When I push through challenging runs, I’m strengthening my character.
  11. The runner’s high.
  12. With runs lasting 30 to 300 minutes, I have plenty of solo think time.
  13. I get to rock out to motivating music.
  14. Personal records.
  15. I love me some bling and a space blanket at the finish line.

One thought on “15 Reasons Why I Run

  1. I’m so proud of my dedicated husband! I am now getting motivated to run consistently too! I am honored to be your wife :)

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