Eight Years Ago Today I Met My Wife

I first laid eyes on the girl of my dreams eight years ago today. Even now, with our first child on the way (read more here) and our five-year anniversary coming up next month, when I stop and really think about it, I’m floored by how blessed I am.

We met through Match.com. (Yes, we’re one of those couples. Although these days one in six couples who marry say they met online [click here for the study], it wasn’t nearly as popular or accepted back then. We used to joke about the tales we’d tell about how we met.)

We chatted through Match.com for a while, then via e-mail outside the matching site. That led to a phone call and a date. I wanted to meet in a public place where she’d feel comfortable and do something that showed a little bit of my personality and interests. I decided on dinner theater. We could talk over our meals before the show and during intermission and enjoy some good, live entertainment in between.

I wrote this blurb for the “How We Met” section of our wedding website:

Our first face-to-face date was Feb. 21, 2003 after an introduction via Match.com. We enjoyed dinner over the production of “Lend Me A Tenor” at Copperstate Dinner Theater. Afterward, we spent time with the cast and crew; the relaxed atmosphere helped each of us pave the way from stranger to friend and confidant.

Incidentally, “Tenor” won eight ariZoni Awards that year, and we like to think we fared just as famously.

I remember like it was yesterday. I recall that she had a personal trainer. She recalls that I talked about my car a lot. OK, maybe I remember like it was last month.

Hanging with the cast proved to boost the cool factor of our date—You actually know these actors?—and my wife proved to be well at ease in the situation. A friend or two said years later that they knew we’d make it. They were right.

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