Naming Rites: Deciding What to Call Our Kid

Picking a name for our boy is proving to be tough stuff.

Truth is, we were always more firm on the girl name, because it had significance in both of our families. From early on in our courtship, we had that much ironed out. (Was it an odd conversation to have while we were dating? Maybe. “You’re putting the cart before the horse,” my mom would say. But it was fun for us to think about.)

We had a boy name, too—still do—but I was never as solid about it. I figured there was no sense in laboring over a long list until we knew for sure what we were having.

That brings us to now, when we know what we’re having, and that business about laboring over lists.

I’ve looked at classic names and traditional names (there’s a difference?) and I’ve even looked up the 100 most popular boy names of 1880. (No. 1? John.)

I have to admit, it seems a little strange to be perusing names from a book or online list, like I’m trying to decide what to have brought in for lunch. Then again, how else are we going to know?

So far we’ve got a fuzzy set of criteria. Easy to spell. Easy to pronounce. Easy to understand. Nickname sounds as good with “Morgan” as the full name does. Won’t set up the kid for a lifetime of teasing. (I realize I could offend just about every boy and parent by going into great detail about which names we don’t like and why, so I’ll just leave it there.)

Eh, maybe I’m putting the cart before the horse. We’ve got four months to figure this out.

Do you have a good resource for baby name research? I’d love to hear about it.

8 thoughts on “Naming Rites: Deciding What to Call Our Kid

  1. I have a brother named John. He hates it. Apparently, being referred to as a toilet and a customer of prostitutes annoys him.

    1. I will be sure to run my choices through a “nefarious nicknames” filter before making a final decision.

    1. Mama, I’m really liking this blog. It has a significant volume of names with a solid discussion behind them. Thanks!

  2. Best place for boys names, baseball cards, I’m pretty sure you can find a good name like Mookie was one of our favorites.

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