Girl or Boy? Tomorrow We Find Out What “It” Is

When our friends or our family members or our servers at Applebee’s find out we’re pregnant, the most common response is “So … do you want to find out if it’s a boy or a girl?”

“Yes. Yes, we do.”

But you and I both know that’s not the last of the questions.

“So … which one do you want?”

That answer—not so simple.

I’m the oldest of three boys. My loving mother has said that she really wanted a girl. Just one. (Sorry, Mom.) I have always held that I would provide my mom with all the girls she could dream of.

At a Coyotes hockey game a couple months ago, I saw a girl a few rows in front, maybe 18 to 24 months old, bedecked in a Boston Bruins hockey warm-up and jersey. I melted. I thought, I want to have a girl so I can totally put her in hockey gear!

Then there’s the father-daughter bond. That can’t be discounted. It’s a lot of responsibility to be a strong, stable role model in a girl’s life as she grows up. I know that. I believe I will be ready.

Does this mean I want a girl? Not so fast.

As I said, I’m the oldest of three boys. All I know are boys. Grubbing-in-the-dirt boys. Needing-stitches-every-other-weekend boys. What I’m trying to get at is that I’d very much be in my element with a boy.

Our pastor spoke recently on the Book of Matthew, which spends half of the first chapter recounting the lineage of Jesus. Without getting too biblical, Matthew lists 40 fathers who had boys who became men who had boys who became men who had boys, the last of which was Jesus. I don’t know why this particular religious lesson touched me, because the desire to have a boy isn’t necessarily religious. But it accessed a part of me that hadn’t been accessed before, the ingrained inclination to pass down my name. I know, I know—if I have a daughter, she would always be a Morgan, too. I’m painting in broad strokes here.

Then there is the fact that I want to put a baseball and a glove into the crib of my baby boy and raise him to become what I wasn’t: a professional baseball player. Ah, I jest. Or do I?

All this wondering ends Thursday, when my wife has her appointment with the ultrasound technician. We finally get to find out if our little IT is a girl or a boy.

3 thoughts on “Girl or Boy? Tomorrow We Find Out What “It” Is

  1. You will be happy with either. My husband loves his girls and doesn’t know what he would have done with a boy. But I know he would have loved to share his love of military stuff, cars, ships, airplanes etc. Stuff he tried to share with the girls and they responded. But he did have fun at their tea parties, watching their dance recitals and gymnastics/dive meets.
    What ever the sex, you will share your love of the world and baseball, ice hockey, football or life. Enjoy every minute. The years pass quickly!!
    Congratulations to you and Elisa!! May you have many children to share your lives with!

  2. Let’s just hope little “It” is leaning the right way to give you a clear answer with no guessing. “It” might be a ____________ or I think “It’s” a_____________. I’m sure you’ll think of a fun way to share it with your family.

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