Thoughts from an Occasional Actor (7 of 7)

This week I’m sharing some of my thoughts during a typical community theater stage production, from audition notices to stage strike.

Click here for Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6.

I think: How am I ever going to replicate this experience?
When: The morning after we take our last bows and reduce the set to nothing.
Because: This experience was incredible. Truth is, there is no replicating it. Each show—the cast dynamic, the backstage antics, the product we put on display every night—is like a snowflake; no two will ever be the same. And I suppose that’s the way it should be. It’s a new and different experience every production, with every director, cast and crew, which makes it all the more fun. It’s part of what keeps me coming back time after time.

I think: Matt feeling sad.
When: Between one and five days after the show ends.
Because: Each show carves out a special place in my heart, and each one leaves a hole after it’s gone. Social media has helped smooth the path back to non-actor-dom. I check Facebook every hour: Has someone posted about the show?! If so, I’m sure to acknowledge with a quick “like” or a clever comment. But, little by little, Facebook activity wanes. I click through pictures and reminisce. I look through audition notices to see what show I could do next. But, eventually, it stops. Hey, maybe I’ll blog about it! That’s what I’ll do! But, sigh, even that has to come to an end. Case in point.

Me as Mr. MacAfee, Bye Bye Birdie, Desert Foothills Theater, Nov. 11–21

Photos courtesy of Jeremy Andorfer/Vangelis Productions

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