Thoughts from an Occasional Actor (5 of 7)

This week I’m sharing some of my thoughts during a typical community theater stage production, from audition notices to stage strike.

Click here for Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.

I think: Sheesh, we’re bad.
When: We finally get on stage to start tech week, the week leading up to opening night, and everything falls apart.
Because: We have our lines and choreography down pat, our timing near perfect and our entrances and exits nailed, but up till now it’s been in an empty rehearsal space. Now that we’ve moved to the theater, we introduce costumes (and costume changes), props, drapes, tables, chairs, stairs, and sound and light cues. All at once. It’s like walking and rubbing your stomach and chewing gum and juggling Ginsu knives. On an ice rink.

I think: I’m king of the world! (or whatever cheesy movie line comes to mind)
When: I get my first laugh on opening night.
Because: There is nothing in my life that is as scary or exhilarating as standing center stage, awash in lights, projecting to an audience that paid money to be entertained, and then entertaining them.

Me as Mr. MacAfee, Bye Bye Birdie, Desert Foothills Theater, Nov. 11–21

Photos courtesy of Jeremy Andorfer/Vangelis Productions

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