Thoughts from an Occasional Actor (2 of 7)

This week I’m sharing some of my thoughts during a typical community theater stage production, from audition notices to stage strike.

Click here for Part 1.

I think: They like me! They really like me!
When: I’m cast in the show! Extra bonus for it being the part I wanted.
Because: Validation. The director et al. think I have what it takes to make the show a success. The director calls to offer me the part. I usually ask for a day to think about it before accepting, but really, my mind is already made up by the time I put the phone down.

I think: How am I ever going to find time to do this?
When: I plug the rehearsal schedule into my calendar.
Because: A community theater production requires an insane amount of rehearsal time. We’re talking up to four to five hours a day, five days a week, for two months or more. It’s like a seasonal part-time job. Check that; it IS a part-time job, except without the paycheck.

Me as Mr. MacAfee, Bye Bye Birdie, Desert Foothills Theater, Nov. 11–21

Photos courtesy of Jeremy Andorfer/Vangelis Productions

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