100 Days, 5,050 Push-Ups

Following my wildly successful Weight-Loss Campaign earlier this year and the equally spectacular Weight-Gain Challenge that immediately ensued, I have been eerily (but understandably?) silent on this blog. I have also been going to boot camp.

Rather, boot camp has been coming to me. My company brings a personal trainer to our offices twice a week for eight weeks. I’m paying for the service, but I can’t beat the convenience.

I’m loving the positive changes that boot camp has introduced to my body. But no matter how well I progressed in strength and cardiovascular fitness, one problem area continued to be push-ups. I just couldn’t seem to get better!

My trainer, Carl, suggested I try something: Start with one push-up and add one each day until 100. I started the next day. This was six weeks ago.

First, I created a spreadsheet—Of course you did, those of you who know me are now thinking—to figure out 1) exactly how many push-ups I’ll do in total (5,050) and 2) exactly when I’ll be finished (Dec. 25, interestingly enough).

Yesterday I did 42. This morning I did 43. Tomorrow I’ll do 44. You get the idea. All the way to 100. You’re welcome to check up on my progress.

I’m running the P.F. Chang’s Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix in January. Stay tuned for my training progress updates. In the meantime, view my RunKeeper profile here.

One thought on “100 Days, 5,050 Push-Ups

  1. I am inspired! I’m up to 1 push-up so far, but it was a good one. If all goes according to plan, I’ll hit 100 on February 7th.

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