Off to the Races

My apologies to those of you who have continually checked this site lately and found nothing.

The eerie blog silence you experienced was a result of my embarrassment. Embarrassment that I’ve quickly regressed into a couch potato who eats anything he wants because it’s within reach. Embarrassment that I’ve gained back the weight I worked so hard to lose and didn’t want to tell anybody about it.

Worst of all, I don’t feel good about myself now, and I still remember how great I felt just a few weeks ago. You’d think that would be motivation enough to get back to it, but it’s not.

I have decided that I can’t be trusted to keep the weight off on my own. Not yet. Without a new—definable, measurable and achievable—goal, I have slipped into my old bad habits.

I need something new to work for. What should that “something new” be?

About five years ago, my now brother-in-law visited us from the Northwest to run in the P.F. Chang’s Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon. I was so inspired! By him and by everyone else who pushed themselves to their personal limits. I wanted to do that. Problem was, by the time I remembered to gear up for the next event, I’d already missed the window to properly train for it. Or maybe it was my subconscious making just another excuse.

My wife and I have run a few 5Ks in our day, but they have always been few and far between—too far between to begin to build any momentum. And it has been a couple years since my last one.

I want to start doing that again. Running. I don’t like running by nature, but if I’m well-conditioned and if I’m able to regularly beat my times, I believe I can learn to enjoy it. And if I can improve my results through a few 5Ks, what’s a 10K? And if I can do a 10K or two, what’s a half-marathon?

All right—I’m sufficiently motivated. Next step: treadmill reintroduction.

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