Breaking through the Plateau

This week’s blog was going to have the same title, just coming from the other side. I was going to discuss how I haven’t been losing much weight lately. (Just one pound a week for the previous two weeks.) But all that changed during my latest weigh-in.

After a slow couple of weeks, I’m doing something right. I lost six pounds, bringing my total weight loss to more than 20 pounds. Problem is, I don’t know what that “something right” is. Here are the contenders:

Exercising. My morning workouts have been a breakthrough. My afternoons and evenings have been so busy lately that it’s tough for me to fit in treadmill time. I’ve either had something going on or wanted to veg out because I didn’t have something going on. By exercising in the morning, nearly all excuses go out the window.

Not getting hung up on one meal. I haven’t been perfect in my eating. If I fell to temptation and had an extra helping of greasy pizza (hello, last Tuesday!), I hopped back on the horse at the next meal.

Making smart food choices. I’m getting better “in the field”—eating in restaurants, at fast food joints, at work when the company orders in lunch.

Sometimes I feel deprived, but mostly I understand that the good choices I’m making are helping me toward my goal. Case in point: At church, our Valentine’s Day themed afterparty was all about chocolate. Man, it all looked so good! Especially the fudge. And the brownies. And the German chocolate cupcakes. Apparently I haven’t totally kicked my chocolate addiction. But—and this is big for me—I didn’t have any of it. I’m finding it easier to resist the never-ending parade of cookies and other sweets.

Would one piece of fudge have killed me? Ruined my week? Spoiled all my progress? No. Probably would have tasted amazing. But I decided it wasn’t worth the calories. Besides, if I have one, I know there’s a good chance that I’ll have a second and maybe a third, because I have a hard time limiting myself. Knowing all that, it was better that I not start.

Thinking about how good fudge is costs nothing. Zero calories. Is that deprivation?

Progress report
As I’ve added push-ups, sit-ups, etc., to my workouts for more than a week, I’m starting feel better about my body. Now that I have some semblance on tone in my arms and chest, I’m starting to be proud of my progress, and I’m wearing that pride well. Shoulders back!

Starting weight: 233
Today’s weight: 211
Pounds lost: 22
Percentage weight lost: 9%

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