Apparently I Have a Chocolate Addiction

I thought of chocolate 842 times this week. And I must have talked about it nearly as much, because I had people coming up to me about it for days.

Not helping at all is the fact that a sheet cake sat largely uneaten in the break room at work for the first two days of my little weight-loss program. Who ever heard of uneaten cake anywhere, let alone at work? I must not be the only one trying to eat better this January.

Anyway, it was chocolate cake with like 2 inches of white frosting on top, the kind of cake of which I would have gladly scarfed six pieces the week before. But, yay for me, I had none. That goes for other temptations including a spread of cinnamon-inspired pastries at church (I ate none), fudge at work (none) and donuts at work (none). My company is world-renowned for a lot of things, having lots of food around being one of them.

Day 1 wasn’t so bad, because my will power tanks were still full. And I still had energy.

Day 2 was awful. I had zero energy. I couldn’t focus or concentrate, which are kinda important for my day job. Oh, and for driving—I felt as if I was going to pass out during my drive home. I ate a few nuts to boost my energy and managed to find my way to the treadmill. On Treadmill TV: Beatlejuice (DVD). Still one of my favorite movies of all time.

(I know my method of weight loss is not ideal. Gotta love working in the healthcare field, where I have plenty of people to remind me of that. But it’s worked for me in the past and it’s working for me now.)

Day 3 started a slow trend toward progress. Each day after was better, probably because my mind was starting to get on board with the plan, and maybe my stomach was following suit. Or maybe because the break room cake was gone. Good riddance, you beautiful, beautiful slices of horribleness.

Starting weight: 233
Today’s weight: 225
Pounds lost: 8
Percentage weight lost: 3%

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