I’m a Loser (If All Goes Well)

Dearest scale: You are a dirty, dirty liar. I just need about 12 weeks to prove it.

That was my Facebook/Twitter status for today. I thought it was funny. Turns out it’s become motivation for change.

I hopped on the scale today for the first time in like six months, knowing I needed to face the truth in the new year. (I picked today because it’s my first day in the office this year, and it’s easier for me to be disciplined about food when the rest of my day is so structured.) I hadn’t been weighing myself because I hadn’t wanted any bad news, and I knew it would be bad news. So when it flashed those three ugly numbers this morning, I wasn’t particularly surprised or upset.

In fact, I was only a few pounds off where I feared I’d be, which is almost 30 pounds off where I want to be, where I was just a few years ago. I knew I was going to have my work cut out.

This weight-loss thing isn’t a resolution. I don’t do resolutions. It’s just easier not to. I’d inevitably fail in my resolve, and hate myself for it. If you’re human, you’ve been there.

My weight-loss plan involves two steps. Maybe you’ve heard of them:

Eat well and exercise.

When I say “eat well,” I don’t really mean it. I simply eat less, and it seems to work out well for me. I apply straight will power to accomplish this, which makes me wonder where it was hiding as the weight piled on to get me to this point. On a good day—“good” according to my warped sense of “eating well”—I take in less than 2,000 calories.

And when I say “exercise,” I mean that in the “high school football two-a-day, run yourself into the ground till you’re puking on the sidelines” kind of way. When I exercise, I give 110%. I leave it all out on the field. I … enter your favorite sports cliché here.

So, if I’m eating 2,000 calories a day and burning 300 to 500-plus of those during a good workout, I’m making progress. And I expect progress.

I picked 12 weeks for my Facebook/Twitter status pretty much arbitrarily, but it sounds like a good goal. I’m not going to set a target for weight loss this time, but I have one in mind.

My Facebook update has generated a lot of interest today. In fact, some of my church folks have decided to start a buy-in weight-loss challenge, with the biggest loser taking the pot.

I’d like to take that pot.

Today’s weight: 233
Weight lost since 1/5: 0

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