Warning: Political post ahead

I usually refrain from talking about politics. Ever. It’s one of those things in life that people will NEVER agree on, no matter what, so why talk till you’re blue in the face to someone who isn’t going to listen or change?

I also usually shy from taking a firm stance on hotly debated topics. It goes back to my fear of being disliked. And yeah, lurking near the middle ground makes for weak blogging. So I’m going to try something different here. Ready?

Y’all just need to shut up about President Obama speaking to American schoolchildren. Can you do that much for me?

Here’s what we know. For the sake of argument, I’ll paint in broad strokes.

  • Obama wants to talk to your kids.
  • Republicans, because they don’t like Obama, don’t want Obama to talk to your kids.
  • Democrats, because they like Obama and because they don’t like Republicans, are upset because Republicans don’t want Obama to talk to your kids.

Can I be a voice of reason here?

Some parents don’t want their kids to hear from the president. Maybe that’s stupid. Maybe that’s shortsighted. Maybe those kids will miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hear the president speak in person or maybe even shake his hand. I understand that.

Here’s what I can’t understand: Why all the hostility? Why are so many people upset that people are upset?

If you don’t want Obama to talk to your kids as a form of political protest or whatnot, knock yourself out. Your loss. Or your gain, however you choose to look at it.

If you’re angry because some people don’t want Obama to talk to your kids, relax already. YOUR kids will hear him. Just be happy that the president whom you voted for is reaching out to America’s youth, like you wanted. Maybe you can be sad for those kids who will miss out and be frustrated with the parents who deny their kids a unique opportunity.

Just stop complaining about it. I’m tired.

4 thoughts on “Warning: Political post ahead

  1. YOU are hilarious. I also happen to totally agree with your post. I am tired of hearing “Mountain here! Mountain here!” when the person in question is pointing at a molehill.

  2. But the problem isn’t that people want Obama to just stop talking to their kids and telling them to stay in school. People want Obama to stop talking. Period. And it’s all evidence of a country that is more divided than it’s been in our lifetimes. But how can we mend that division — how can we start having a conversation — when people won’t even listen to one another? For what it’s worth, Matt, I’m tired too.

  3. Totally agree. I personally am all for the healthcare reform but that’s not what this is about. I read what his speech said and didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. I also read that parents were given a transcript of what his speech would be ahead of time. If anyone didn’t want their kids to hear it, they should have kept them home.
    I agree. Totally tired of all of it.

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