I am not buying a car … yet

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about the incongruence between my post “I want a new car” and pretty much everything I’ve written about Financial Peace University. Rest assured, I am aware of the disconnect!

I started my car search innocently enough: I talked to a couple dealers about cars that have been catching my eye, and even got basic financing information to know what kind of payments I’d be looking at. But if you know me—and even if you don’t—it’s not a stretch to predict that talking to car dealers and car financiers would quickly lead to a car purchase.

I have no doubt that I’ll gain plenty of insight from Dave Ramsey about cars and the car-buying process. Financing big-ticket toys like houses and sweet rides is what gets so many of us in trouble in the first place. Ramsey has already talked about it early, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he talks about it often.

So I wanted the world to know that my wife and I have decided to officially put our (read: my) car search on hold until we’re through Financial Peace University—or my car completely shuts down, whichever comes first.

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