In search of financial peace

This weekend my wife and I start a 13-week course called Financial Peace University, taught via DVD by Dave Ramsey, a radio host dedicated to counseling people who are, as he says, “hurting from the results of financial stress.”

A few couples from my church who went through the program months ago raved about Dave. My wife was hot to get involved, too. Me? Well, I was on the fence. Being a chronic over-thinker, over-calculator and over-researcher, I wanted to make sure our investment would pay off. I conducted my research and eventually decided my wife was right (smart move, eh?). We enrolled. And I couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store.

Financial Peace University teaches you how to manage your money, get out of debt, pay for retirement and more. Thankfully, we are not hurting—we are blessed to be in a really good financial place right now. But we know that could change at any moment, and we want to be ready. We’re looking to put away money now for raising our future children, to be able to pay cash for our next car, or start making serious dents in our mortgage.

We’re also looking to get on the same financial page, my wife and I. We’re close, but not walking completely in step. This is my first goal in Financial Peace University. The other stuff, frankly, is gravy.

Over the next 13 weeks, I’ll be using this space to share what I’ve learned.

One thought on “In search of financial peace

  1. Holy cow, you’re a good writer. SERIOUSLY. (Something I suspected but never realized until I read this blog.) What on earth are you doing wasting your time as an editor? Oh yeah — making a living. Well, there is that.

    Sorry, I just hate to see you burning out your eyeballs correcting other people’s healthcare (ooh, one or two words?) grammar errors when you could be writing more here…

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